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Books and Music catalogues

In this category you will find the most important DVD, CD and book catalogues. Are you looking for CDs in the classical, pop or rock genre? You will certainly find it here. If you are after a good thriller or novel to enjoy while having that well deserved break, these catalogues are just the thing for you. These are the types of soul food you might find at Musica, Exclusive books or Loot Books. Do you prefer to shop in your own neighbourhood? View and compare the leaflets with special offers and discounts of stores all over South Africa. This quick search will allow you to view competitive prices of all stores, including the ones that are almost on your doorstep. Under the tab “stores” you will also find the accompanying store’s addresses, trading hours and whether they are open on public holidays. Use these “near me” option while scrolling through these catalogues when planning your next shopping spree.

Books and Music specials

Are you looking for specific books, e-books or music? Are you after a classic DVD or Blu-ray movie that you just can’t find anywhere else? We have placed all the speciality stores such as Capital Music, CNA and Raru together in the category “Books and Music”. Here you can find the type of entertainment needed to unwind after a busy week. This means you don’t have to waste any time browsing different search engines. You get the best deals from your favourite stores in just one quick visit to our carefully created online brochures. Because we update these promotional catalogues daily, you will always find the most recent discounted products on our website. You will be pleased to know that we take pride in providing you with the products that best suit your budget. 

Shopping online in the web shop

Are you short on time or do you just prefer buying online? Most of the music and bookstores also have an online store, or an app. Make use of this service if you are the type of person who prefers shopping from the comfort of your own living room. If you are provided with a rewards card, see how you can use this card with your online purchase. These shops deliver your order to your doorstep for free or with an added fee depending on your location. You will be redirected to the store’s online store by viewing their catalogue through our website. Should this not be the case, you can also visit the website of your favourite book or DVD store by clicking on the store’s logo or via the link “visit our website.” Use this link to gain access to limited deals from your favourite entertainment specialists Allow us to help you get your groove on.