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Car catalogues and brochures

Car manufacturers, such as Volkswagen South Africa, Mercedez South Africa, Ford South Africa and Toyota South Africa, bring out new models regularly. To be able to present these to the customer, they often publish extensive catalogues and brochures, displaying all models and special offers that apply. This way you can be informed while at home, about which model is available, what the price is and what the financing options are. The partaking car dealers are usually mentioned too. This allows potential buyers to look at the model in question or take it for a test drive. You will be fully informed about your next set of wheels even before leaving the house. 

This site is also the “Go to” for specials on car parts such as tyres and exhaust pipes. We publish leaflets of South Africa’s leading tyre and vehicle part stores. These stores include, but are not limited to stores like Supa Quick, Hi-Q South Africa, Autozone and Midas, with the most recent deals on tyres and exhausts. Warrant of fitness and maintenance tariffs can also be found in these catalogues which are easily accessible at any time from home or the office. Just do some online shopping by clicking the catalogues.


We have compiled a complete overview of motorbike providers, as well as stores that sell motorbike parts and accessories. Think of Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. These motorbike shops have physical shop locations where you can send your motorbike to get the service it needs. Everything from motorbike maintenance, motorbike accessories and expert advice is available at any one of these stores. A new trend is the online sale of motorbikes at stores like Bike Kings and Moto Hut. The advantage of these online stores is that motorbikes are at discounted prices. The bike is ordered online and delivered to your home, ready to use. In some cases, the bike is delivered to a motorbike shop “near me”.

This is where you will find a complete selection of all car and motorbike providers, along with their trading hours. These brochures will allow you to look at competitive prices before making a purchase. There will always be some store with an irresistible deal, which means you can easily save yourself a buck or two!

Car rental

Renting a car can be a stressful ordeal, especially in an unknown environment. There are specials listed on each website to keep you informed about quality products. Booking a rental car during a special promotion, can save a lot of money. Use these brochures to make sure your next trip is more entertainment and less car payments, if you catch my drift. You can use Europcar, Thrifty Car Hire or Bidvest car rental. If you have the option to use a loyalty club card or a rewards card, use that too. Don’t wait until you get there, use their online services to get the best deal.