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DIY and Garden Stores

Every DIY job starts with proper preparation and the purchase of the right materials. But where do you find all the products that you need, at a reasonable price? To help you achieve this we have gathered all catalogues of the main DIY and garden stores. We have combined these two departments on our website in an easy-to-view category called “DIY and Garden”. Whether you are looking for a good deal on foundation paint, the latest designer wallpaper or a new garden set, you will find it all in this one category. Our range of brochures of expert DYI retailers such as Builders Warehouse, Mica Hardware and Garden & Outdoor Living are just what you need to make your house fabulous again. What makes these catalogues and magazines extra interesting is the offer of articles with DIY tips, new trends and information about the latest items you can find. Whether you have green fingers or just love the thought of taking on projects by yourself, we can help you with all your DIY needs. It doesn’t matter if you are an enthusiastic DIYer or an experienced tradesman, having the right tools and machines usually means half the job is already done. Our objective is to help you decorate your garden and home with the best equipment possible. Our brochures can be used to locate stores all around South Africa. When you are unsure of the nearest DIY and Garden store, simply use the “near me” option on the website and it will take you right to it. Use this opportunity to look at the store’s trading hours and whether they are open on public holidays. You never know when inspiration might strike. 

Construction and Garden store specials and catalogues

To achieve the above-mentioned objective, we post the latest garden and DYI stores’ brochures and catalogues online, every day. All your desired products are listed under the category “DIY and Garden Stores”. This means you will be kept up to date with all current promotions and discounts that are being held at these selected DIY and Garden stores. Do you just want to find some inspiration for a new garden project or home improvement? Our leaflets will inspire you to become the home maker you have always dreamt of, at a fraction of the price. Our brochures can also be used to look at competitive prices before you commit to the store that has it all.

Online shopping

Shopping for some new tiles, sanitary ware and patio sets online is increasing in popularity. Therefore, we also mention all the larger garden and DYI stores’ online stores under this category. This means you no longer need to go to the city to buy what you need. You can simply spend all your time on reconstructing your bathroom, laminating your floor or nursing your orchid. This also means you will always be up to date on any flash deals that might have been advertised online. Use reward cards or online vouchers to get an even bigger discount while renovating your dream home. So even if you are too busy to go shopping, you don’t need to miss another DIY special deal ever again. Use the following link to see what our catalogues can do for you And then do it yourself.

Frequently asked questions about DIY & Garden

Where can I find DIY & Garden catalogues and specials?

To find DIY & Garden catalogues with current specials and offers, click on a store of your choice, for example Builders Warehouse, Build It, Cashbuild, or look at 'specials'. View all DIY & Garden catalogues from South Africa on!

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What can I find in the DIY & Garden category?

In the DIY & Garden category you can find great offers and specials such as Fabhabitat cairo outdoor rug-each, Securityvue smart video door chime & Dulux maxicover roof coat-20l. Check the entire page to find out more. There is definitely something to pique your interest!

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Which stores can I go to for everything that has to do with DIY & Garden?

In stores such as Builders Warehouse, Build It, Cashbuild you can find specials such as Fabhabitat cairo outdoor rug-each, Securityvue smart video door chime & Dulux maxicover roof coat-20l. On this page you can find more stores in the 'DIY & Garden' category.

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What are the best DIY & Garden specials at the moment?

Currently, Fabhabitat cairo outdoor rug-each, Securityvue smart video door chime & Dulux maxicover roof coat-20l offer the best DIY & Garden specials. You can find even more interesting promotions at Builders Warehouse, Build It, Cashbuild and other stores on our website.

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Do I need a discount code for DIY & Garden promotions?

You only need a discount code for DIY & Garden specials if the store or webshop asks for it. More information can be found on the website of your favourite DIY & Garden store.

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Where can I find a product within the DIY & Garden category at the lowest price?

The lowest price of a product within the DIY & Garden category can be found in a catalogue or brochure of one of the DIY & Garden stores on this page. Take a quick look at this week's catalogue and don't miss out on that spectacular promotion!

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Under which category will I find specials such as 'Fabhabitat cairo outdoor rug-each, Securityvue smart video door chime & Dulux maxicover roof coat-20l'?

To find offers and specials such as Fabhabitat cairo outdoor rug-each, Securityvue smart video door chime & Dulux maxicover roof coat-20l, click on the DIY & Garden category. On this page you will find all DIY & Garden catalogues and promotions that are currently valid.

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I would like to surprise my partner, what are the current DIY & Garden specials?

So, you'd like to surprise your partner? We know, it's not always easy to find a nice gift. Check the catalogues above to find DIY & Garden specials and offers. Your partner will be over the moon ;)

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Why can't I find the store I'm looking for under DIY & Garden?

If you can't find the store you're looking for under DIY & Garden, we may have placed your favourite store in a different category. In the search bar you can enter the name of the store. Still nothing? Then we may not have found any specials or offers for your favourite store yet.

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I'm looking for a DIY & Garden special, but can't find it under DIY & Garden?

If you're looking for a DIY & Garden promotion, but can't find it under DIY & Garden, we may have placed this special under a different category. Enter the name of the product at the top of the search bar. Still nothing? Contact us and we'll see if it is possible to put the special online!

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