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Everybody needs to go shopping. For shopping you need money. And to get money you need to work. The more you spend, the less money you have. And that is why everyone likes a good sale! Because let’s face it, nobody likes to spend more than they need to, so you can keep your cash for more fun events. A big sale does not only happen on specific days such as black Friday, during the Christmas shopping season or at a spring sale. Many stores publish extra sales catalogues full of discounted deals, like the sales brochures of Lush Living, Aldo Fashion and Timberland. To get a better overview of every Sales offer that you can score at the many stores, shops and retailers, we have placed all sales catalogues and brochures under our website. This way you won’t miss any discount deal that may be of interest to you, because you can view all the products that are on sale from your couch or comfy chair! 


There are many shopping events where you can score big discounts. For example, there can be an end-of-season sale where the whole collection needs to be shifted to make room for the new season’s collection. Promotions are very often found when there is a new product or service for sale. Earlybird specials are another big sale attraction. To keep a close eye on all the different sales campaigns and catalogues from food shops such as Spar, Shoprite and Ultra Liquors to retail stores like Timberland and PQ Clothing. To see the most recent sales, just browse the Sales category now! 

Ordering online

If you don’t have the time to visit any of the stores but you would still like to score a few items on sale, you can do all your sales shopping online. All the (web) shops, such as Zando, Dis-Chem and Keedo Catalogue are found on our website, and any catalogue deals you may have seen are just as valid as in the physical stores as they are online. You’ll find the best deals and discounts by browsing them when it is convenient to you. Then you can select all your favourite products from your car, home or work place! Just visit and have it all delivered to your address of choice!