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Father’s Day

In South Africa, fathers are given special honour once a year on Father’s Day, on the third Sunday of each June. A day where every father or grandfather is put into the lime light and gets spoilt, this is especially important in South African culture. Many people go on a Father’s Day picnic, take him out for a meal, or prepare his favourite foods and drinks at home. Because every dad deserves it to be spoilt at least once a year, right? But how did Father’s Day actually come to be? In Catholic Europe it was celebrated on March 19th since the Middle-Ages, though the majority of European countries have now adopted the North American date which is the third Sunday of June, just like South Africa. 

Father’s Day Catalogue

For liquor stores, bookshops and DIY stores it is often the busiest period of the year. But also other speciality stores make sure to have a few fingers in the pie by putting together a special Father’s Day catalogue. For example, stores such as Build it, ACDC Express, Liquor City and Charles & Keith always put together a special brochure full of great gift ideas such as books, after shave, smart clothes, hardware and DIY projects that you could spoil and surprise your father or grandfather with.  

Online shopping for Father’s Day

The “no time to go shopping” excuse is no longer valid today. Pretty much all stores have a web shop nowadays, which is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, there are a number of web shops such as HiFiCorp, Cashbuild, Vodacom and Bottleshop that publish a Father’s Day brochure with many big and small gift ideas that you could spoil your father with. So why not make this day a feast for baba, because every father deserves it!